Taika is a Finnish dance music band formed in the year 2004. It plays music for a grown up taste – mixing up rhythms and genres from international evergreens to Finnish pop music and own compositions depending on the occasion.
The band tours mainly in Finland, but does sometimes gigs also a bit further away, such as in Vietnam!

The leader of the band is Mr Jari Mustajärvi, to whom music has been the dearest hobby since early childhood. Jari started performing at the age of 5, with an accordion borrowed from his sister. At the age of 8 he got his own accordion and started music studies in Forssa, Finland. Summers he spent at Ikaalinen accordion camp together with Mr Jukka Kaurila.
Jari has done several compositions. Most of them are in major – Jari wants to express positive things with his songs, to tell about good moments and feelings. He has also touched upon contemporary themes, such as social media.

Jukka is a dedicated Beatles fan. With him the band has received a slight Beatles influence. In addition to bass guitar and accordion, Jukka plays drums and sometimes also guitar.

Hannu Karvia is a veteran musician, having toured with several bands since the 1970:ies. Hannu’s rolling drum comps give the band’s music a solid foundation. He also has a rare ability to play quietly, but with a swing. In addition to dance music, his favorite music genres are jazz and blues.

To Jaakko Heikkilä saxophone has always been the preferred instrument. Jaakko has inherited music from his father, who also played saxophone. Jaakko has played in several brass bands and dance bands. He likes to play especially tenor saxophone, but also alto and soprano saxophones fit into his hands.

The main instrument of Mr Kimmo Rikkonen is guitar, but he does not hesitate to grab also accordion or drums. Kimmo picks up his guitar sounds from the 1960:ies, and the favorite instrument is semiacoustic Gretch. Also Kimmo has experience from several bands

ari & Taika has participated in several light music competitions in Finland. 

In the spring of 2007 they participated in the “Entertainer 2007” competition, progressing until semifinals.

In 2011 they participated in the New Music competition organized by the national public service broadcasting company YLE, of which the aim was to find Finland’s representative for the Eurovision song contest of 2012 in Azerbaijan. Although the band did not represent Finland in Baku, they were within the 12 best competitors in the New Music competition with their own song “Aamuyön ikuisuus”, “A l’éternité de la nuit”.

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